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Originality of materials, geniality of ideas: two exclusive styles inspired by classic themes of Italian design have been reinterpreted with a contemporary tone.
MHC collaborates with Italian and international designers functional to the strategy given by the Art Direction.


bachelor in Architecture, Milan year 2000. He started his activity under the name MARCARCHSTUDIO. His entire work is focused on running a Studio able to develop projects with high added value. The main objective is the overcoming of the limits of the traditional relationship end user - designer/architect. The engagement is active in various fields: the residential architecture, with the development of various projects of living , the planning of public spaces, bars, clubs, showrooms, spa and fairs. To complete the range of the services offered we have the Corporate Identity studies, Web Design and Art Direction. From the Interior Design to the Product Design, MARCARCHSTUDIO becomes MARCARCHDESIGN, the work now embraces several furnishing companies, in order to complete an experience to 360° in the field of the architecture, planning & design.


Samuele Mazza’s Signature has been formed by his starting point as “Fashion Designer”, which makes his style and ideal equation between ethics and aesthetics, in a certain sense contradictory and unexpected. He began with Fashion and became a phenomenal protagonist in the 80’s. In the 90’s he collaborated with Mondadori where e went on to edit a series of books dedicated to “Italian Fashion”. He opened his first show room in 2001 called “Visionnaire home philosophy”. In 2013 he accepted a prestigious proposal from “Four Season Luxury Furniture” to create a line using his name “Samuele Mazza-Timeless Interiors” to furthermore open a whole new show room in the heart of Milan (Via Turati). The biggest challenge that faces him is the launch of his eponymous “Samuele Mazza-Timeless Interiors” collection. A collection inspired by the 30’s and the ART DECO mouvment.


She studied Interior Design in Istanbul and graduated in 2012. After a year of work experience she moved to Italy to attend the master degree in Product Design at the University of Florence, where she still works on design projects.


Bosco Fair was born in Belfast in 1962. He studied architecture at the universities of Liverpool and North London, and worked in the studios of Mark Guard Associates and Branson Coates Architecture. He has lived and worked in Milan since 1995, where he taught for a nimber of years at the European Design Institute,. In 2003 he opened Studio Fair, working on retail interiors and furniture design.