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Founder and Art Director



We aim to bring you the highest quality without you having to give up anything: excellence and intelligence combined.
This is why our collections are created by important Italian designers and international designers with a flair for Italian style. We follow the manufacturer of our products wherever in the world high quality standards come at the right price.
We design complete living solutions, not only individual fittings made with the utmost attention to the finest detail. In our Concept Stores you can walk around perfectly fitted out living areas and choose what best reflects who you are.
From sofas to lighting, to storage and even the colour of your walls, everything comes in original combinations that create one style: yours – together with the trusted support of our creativity.


Natural stone, metal and wood. Sheer emotion in every detail. A living space that welcomes, invites and surrounds you. Milano Home Concept is a dream that continues into morning: your home in Milan style. Fashion, design and architecture create the character of a unique yet unmistakable city.
Milan is an ambience you breathe in the streets, bars and restaurants, showrooms, art galleries, at home, after an aperitif, and before an evening at the theatre.
Milano Home Concept has been created to offer you a unique opportunity: to bring Italian beauty, elegance, culture, and joy of living into your home.